Update: Primm Valley Resort & Casino is currently the only hotel open in Primm. Whiskey Pete's casino is open but the hotel isn't. Buffalo Bill's is completely closed.

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Bonnie and Clyde's
Death Car

Update: As of June 2021, Bonnie & Clyde's Death Car is not on display at Whiskey Pete's. However, some exhibit elements remain and the Bonnie & Clyde movie still plays. Primm Valley Resorts says the car and exhibit is currently on loan to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California as part of their FBI Exhibit: From Al Capone to Al-Qaeda.

Bonnie and Clyde's Getaway Car

Bonnie and Clyde

What car more than 85 years old still attracts people to Primm? It's the getaway car or death car that Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were in when they met their demise ambushed by police.

The fateful couple was shot and killed in Gibsland, Louisiana, a long way from Primm.

So how did the Bonnie & Clyde's getaway car, with bullets still in it, find its way so far west?

The car became quite an attraction over the years. The car moved around a lot and was a draw for people to see as they could view the bullet-ridden, blood-splattered car used by the famous duo.

The car traveled to amusement parks, flea markets, state fairs, race tracks, and carnivals for decades.

Boonie And Clyde Exhibit

How to Visit the Getaway Car

In recent years, the vehicle, which is a 1934 Ford Fordor Deluxe, a powerful car for its time with a V8 engine, has been parked inside Whiskey Pete's Hotel & Casino in Primm.

The original, authentic Bonnie & Clyde death car is on display 24/7 and free to view.

The death car is not as photogenic as it used. The cars doors are tied and the car is displayed behind a panel of glass. So you can't get in the car and take a picture like you used to.

Nonetheless, the getaway car survives and is still of curiosity and interest to visitors. At Whiskey Pete's, you can strike a pose near the showroom dummies of Bonnie and Clyde cradling faux machine guns with the car behind you.

More than Just a Car

Bonnie And Clyde Photo

In addition to the vehicle and Bonnie & Clyde's likenesses, you can also see Clyde's shirt he died in, complete with holes in front and back, other personal items they had with them, old pictures and notes, newspaper stories, and a short video documentary about the couple.

Visitors still enjoy seeing the car, learning about the couple's history, and how they were killed. It's a piece of American history and the price is right. Just don't hit the slot machines too hard.

In addition to this car, Whiskey Pete's has another crime legend's car on its property, which was at one time owned by famous Chicago mobster Al Capone.

The car was built in 1931 with lead-filled doors and inch-thick glass. That car also took a lot of bullets and is on display for viewing.

Add Bonnie and Clyde's death car to another attraction you may want to visit in Primm!

Boonie And Clyde Car Displays

Bonnie and Clyde Slot Machines

The Bonnie and Clyde Exhibit takes up a sizeable amount of space at Whiskey Pete's. Being a casino and with this being an attraction, Whiskey Pete's isn't one to not capitalize on it.

Next to the exhibit, there's a bank of Bonnie and Clyde slot machines gamers can play. The slots are replete with different pictures of guns, their car, and the couple.

For more info and visuals of the exhibit, please see the video below.

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