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Welcome! I'm Mirjana, your guide to exploring Primm, Nevada - a cool little place that's way more than just a stop on the way to Vegas.

It's where fun meets the desert, with stuff like big roller coasters, neat history, and even a golf course for chilling.

The Backstory

So, I slapped this site together because let's face it: Primm's a quirky little blip that's oddly endearing, and I couldn't let Vegas get all the fame. It's like that one oddball in the family that everyone secretly adores. Primm's got character and a half, and someone had to broadcast it to the world, right?

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The Team

It's just me, Mirjana, your self-appointed Primm enthusiast and unofficial tour guide. Forget a team; I'm a one-woman show, running on caffeine and the occasional thrill from the Desperado Roller Coaster. I'm here to spill the beans on where to tee off or scream your lungs out – your call.

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What Drives Me

Plain and simple: I'm smitten with Primm. I'm on a mission to flaunt every nook and cranny, from the goosebumps on the roller coaster to the quiet of the golf course. It's not just about dropping pins on a map; it's about etching Primm's story into the grand tapestry of 'Places You Didn't Know You Needed to Visit.'

Trust Factor

No fluff, no filler – just Primm, unfiltered. I'm serving up the straight dirt, all firsthand because hearsay is for gossipers and I'm, well, not just any gossip.

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Keeping It Fresh

The Primm saga never ends, and neither do I. I'm always prowling for the latest and greatest to keep you in the loop. Your two cents go a long way; they're like adding seasoning to this Primm feast. Let's dig in and discover Primm together – it's one heck of a quirky ride.


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