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Star of the Desert Arena – Upcoming Events In The Summer Of 2024!

Star of the Desert Arena - confirmed events
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When I moved to Primm, I expected peace and quiet, but clearly, I didn’t get the memo about the Star of the Desert Arena. “Oh, look, another quiet night in Primm,” I think to myself sarcastically as I head over to a concert that’s supposed to make rock concerts look like library sessions. The place is a stark reminder that tranquility is overrated anyway.

There I am, thinking I’d be knitting by the fireplace, but instead, I’m in the epicenter of electrifying performances, surrounded by pyrotechnics that could give the sun a run for its money. “So much for my quiet, little town,” I mutter as the crowd erupts into a frenzy.

Honestly, I was looking for serenity but ended up with season tickets to the biggest shows in town. Primm’s got its own way of making you forget what silence sounds like. “Who knew the desert had a soundtrack?” I quip to no one in particular. Here’s to unexpected life turns and the realization that maybe, just maybe, I never really wanted the quiet life after all!

Confirmed Events For Summer 2024

ⓘ Make sure to always double check when certain events are scheduled on Star of the Desert Arena’s official website!


Colt Ford | Friday 5th April

Colt Ford blends country traditions with hip-hop grooves, crafting a distinctive sound that has made him a pioneering figure in the country rap genre, captivating audiences with his storytelling prowess and energetic performances.

Pancho Barraza | Saturday 13th April

Pancho Barraza captivates his audience with the heartfelt emotion of traditional Mexican ballads and banda music, offering a performance that resonates with the soul and spirit of Mexico’s rich musical heritage.

Three Dog Night | Saturday 20th April

Three Dog Night takes listeners on a nostalgic journey through the 1970s, with their iconic harmonies and timeless hits that continue to unite generations of music lovers in sing-along bliss.

Glady’s Knight | Saturday 27th April

Gladys Knight, the Empress of Soul, delivers an unforgettable performance that showcases her powerful vocals and deep emotional range, enveloping the audience in the warmth and depth of her legendary soul and R&B hits.


Marisela | Saturday 4th May

Marisela, known as the “Latin Madonna,” enchants her audience with a passionate performance that blends romantic ballads with the vibrant energy of Latin pop, creating an intimate yet electrifying atmosphere.

Blues Traveler | Saturday 11th May

Blues Traveler captivates with their masterful fusion of blues-rock, psychedelic rock, and soul, highlighted by harmonica-driven melodies and improvisational jams that make every live show a unique and unforgettable experience.

George Thorogood | Saturday 18th May

George Thorogood delivers a high-octane performance filled with his signature blend of blues and rock, powering through hit after hit with a gritty voice and fierce guitar playing that embodies the spirit of American rock ‘n’ roll.

Morris Day & The Time | Saturday 25th May

Morris Day & The Time bring a funk-filled extravaganza that transports the audience back to the heyday of the Minneapolis sound, with their flashy attire, slick dance moves, and a setlist of groovy hits that never fails to get the crowd on their feet.


Los Inquietos Del Norte | Saturday 1st June

Los Inquietos Del Norte energize the stage with their raw, unapologetic take on norteño music, delivering performances that are as notorious for their lively rhythms as they are for their bold lyrics, capturing the essence of Mexico’s rebellious spirit.

Brit Floyd | Saturday 8th June

Brit Floyd offers an unparalleled tribute to Pink Floyd, taking audiences on a sonic journey through the legendary band’s discography with stunning visual productions and meticulous musical detail that recreate the magic and complexity of the original performances.

The Bacon Brothers | Saturday 22nd June

The Bacon Brothers, featuring Kevin and Michael Bacon, blend folk, rock, and soul in their performances, showcasing their storytelling prowess and musical versatility in intimate shows that highlight their close-knit harmonies and down-to-earth charm.


Los Inquietos Del Norte | Monday 1st July

Oh! It’s these guys again!

Ub40 | Saturday 27th July

UB40 brings the infectious rhythms of reggae to life in their performances, with a smooth blend of horns, harmonies, and hits that pay homage to their roots while inviting audiences to groove to the laid-back beats that made them a household name worldwide.

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