Update: Primm Valley Resort & Casino is currently the only hotel open in Primm. Whiskey Pete's casino is open but the hotel isn't. Buffalo Bill's is completely closed.

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Restaurants in Primm

Primm, Southern Nevada’s gateway city on Interstate 15, has over a dozen restaurants and cafes to choose from.

From quick snacks to three-course meals and everything in between and with American and Mexican food options, Primm restaurants will satisfy your appetite.

Whether you’re a visitor staying at the hotel-casinos, a local, or simply traveling through, let’s take a look at what Primm has to offer in terms of dining options.

Fast Food & Fast Casual

Primm has a variety of fast food options. These include McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Carl’s Jr. These are all off S. Las Vegas Blvd in Primm.

These fast-food restaurants all serve breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner.

The majority of restaurants and dining options in Primm are fast-casual. In the food court at Prizm Outlets, there are Alex’s Mexican Food Factory and Shoo Shoo Burgers.

Other options include the Juice Box, coffee, and ice cream.

At Primm Valley Resort, there is a pizza restaurant and The Back Nine Grill.

On the Whiskey Pete’s side, there is a Qdoba Mexican Eats, Subway, IHOP, and Cuca’s Mexican Food off W. Primm Blvd.

More Dining Options

There are two Starbucks in Primm, which in addition to coffee drinks, also serve food. One is on the main side of Primm next to the Chevron.

The other is on the west side of I-15 at Whiskey Pete Stateline. Neither Starbucks is a drive-thru.

For dine-in breakfast, outside of fast-food your options in Primm are either Primm & Proper or IHOP.

For steak lovers, the best restaurant in Primm is GP’s Steakhouse, which is in the Primm Valley Resort. In addition to steaks and other dinner options, it also serves wine, cocktails, and desserts.

However, GP's Steakhouse currently has limited hours, open only on Friday and Saturday nights.

More Primm Restaurant Info

Primm’s restaurants and dining scene took a hit with the health and safety restrictions that began in March 2020.

Buffalo’s Bill Resort & Casino, which had a Denny’s, Panda Express, and other dining options, remains closed. Several other restaurants either closed or scaled back hours.

There was a Mad Greek Cafe in Primm but it closed down in 2020 during the dining restrictions. There is still a Mad Greek Cafe in Baker, 45 minutes to the south on I-15.


If you are a golfer or enjoy a more relaxing setting, there is bar and grill dining at the Primm Valley Golf Club on the California side.

Like the Lotto Store at Primm, the Primm Valley Golf Club has a Nipton, CA address. However, the golf course is ten minutes south of Primm.

Welcome to Nipton California

In Nipton, which is 25 minutes southeast of Primm, there used to the Whistlestop Cafe and Saloon. Nipton's a nice detour off I-15 with over a hundred years of history.

Unfortunately, the Whistlestop recently closed down and Nipton has very limited food options.

The road to Nipton passes through the Ivanpah Dry Lake Bed and also has access to the Mojave National Preserve.

If you are heading north, there is a White Castle in the Terrible’s Roadhouse twelve miles away in Jean.

Of course for a full range of dining options, you'll want to head north to Las Vegas.

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