Update: Primm Valley Resort & Casino is currently the only hotel open in Primm. Whiskey Pete's casino is open but the hotel isn't. Buffalo Bill's is completely closed. Restaurants, the Prizm Outlets, and the Primm Lotto Store are open.

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Sun For All Seasons

Primm's climate is typical of the desert southwest. It sits in a valley at an elevation of about 2,600 feet. It is very dry and receives an average of only about five inches of precipitation per year. However, there are definite differences between the seasons. Primm is located only about 75 miles as the crow files from Death Valley National Park, the hottest place in North America.

In winter, Primm typically sees high temperatures in the 50s and 60s with lows in the mid 30s to low 40s. Winter is the wettest season albeit it is still very dry. Primm receives about 40% of its annual precipitation in the winter. On rare occasion, Primm receives snowfall, averaging about 2 inches per year.

In the spring, Primm warms up quickly with high temperatures averaging in the 70s in April. By June, average high temperatures are well above 90 degrees. Average lows in the spring are between 50 and 70 degrees. Spring is the driest season of the year.

Extreme Summer Heat

Primm is very hot in the summer with extreme heat. Summer high temperatures are over 100 degrees and occasionally top 110. Average lows are in the seventies. Visitors to Primm should take cautions to protect themselves from the strong summer sun. UV levels are very high and dehydration and sunburn can occur quickly.

Primm does receive occasional thunderstorms and flash flooding in the summer. Warm moist air from the south primarily from the Gulf of California clashing with the extreme heat from the Mojave Desert can cause strong thunderstorms. Primm is also flanked by mountains, which can contribute to the storms.

Pleasant Fall Weather

In the fall, temperatures cool off from 90s in September down to the 50s in December. Average low temperatures fall from near 70 degrees down into the mid 30s in December. April, May and October have the most moderate temperatures with average highs in the seventies and eighties and lows near 60.

Temperatures are often a few degrees cooler in Primm than Las Vegas due to its slightly higher elevation at 2,600 feet. Las Vegas is about forty miles north at 2,000 feet elevation. Primm receives abundant sunshine in its Mojave Desert location.

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