Update: Primm Valley Resort & Casino is currently the only hotel open in Primm. Whiskey Pete's casino is open but the hotel isn't. Buffalo Bill's is completely closed.

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Lodging Near Primm

Places to Stay Near Primm

With the Primm Valley Resort currently being the only hotel property operating in Primm, you may be wondering where else you can stay near Primm?

Jean, the community closest to Primm is out because the hotel/casino closed down for good.

There also really aren’t any lodging options in Goodsprings or Mountain Pass, California. But fear not, there are other lodging choices within a half hour of Primm.

Nipton Hotel

Where to Stay

There are several other hotel and accommodation options within a half-hour drive from Primm. The closest option, although it could be out of the way, is in Nipton.

There may be cottages to stay at in Nipton and an RV park and campgrounds in the community, if it’s open.

These are more rustic, bare-bones options, for those who want to get away for some peace and relaxation in the desert without the gambling or crowds.

Nipton is also a good choice if you plan on visiting the Mojave National Preserve, which has an entrance only ten minutes away.


There used to be an RV park at the Primm Valley Resort called the Primadonna RV Vilage. That was the way to go if you have a trailer or motorhome and wanted to stay in Primm. The park had 63 RV sites sites that were secure, walled-in, and with full hookups.

However, the RV Park has closed and the Primm Valley Resort does not offer overnight RV parking and neither does Whiskey Pete’s.

However, Prizm Outlets offers free overnight RV parking with permission and check-in at the mall security office. The office is on the west side of the outlet mall next to the Polo Ralph Lauren store.

For more reliable lodging options outside of Primm, you’ll want to head north on I-15 towards Las Vegas.

Casino Gambling


The first city heading north on I-15 from Primm in Nevada is Henderson. This city of more than 300,000 people is adjacent to Las Vegas.

The first major hotel/casino property off I-15 in the area is the M Resort. While it welcomes all visitors, the M Resort specifically targets California visitors typically offering them special discounts.

A few miles down the highway from the M are more traditional hotel properties such as the Hampton Inn, Residence Inn, and Homewood Suites.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas South

The first major hotel/casino property you’ll see once you enter Las Vegas is the South Point. It’s about a half hour from Primm, conveniently located off I-15 on Silverado Ranch Road on Las Vegas Boulevard.

You can’t miss the South Point as it’s an imposing property with 25 floors and lots of rooms, entertainment, and gaming options.

For a hotel alternative to the South Point, next door to it is The Grandview at Las Vegas. It’s a fine property that has a kitchen, bedrooms, and a nice pool. However, it is also used as a timeshare.

As you head a few more miles north on I-15, you get closer to the attractions in Las Vegas with lots of gaming and lodging options.

In addition to the properties listed above, you could also consider Airbnb, vacation rental or extended stay properties. Or don’t forget you can stay at the Primm Valley Resort.

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